I Have No Friends — A Novel and an Experience

Actively Writing

by Russell Dyer
published:  sep 10, 2015;  revised:  sep 10, 2015;  readers in past month:  137

I’m actively writing this new novel. I write a few pages every day, between ten and thirty, depending on how much time I have and excited I am. I’m close to finishing: I’ve written 172 of about 250 pages. But then I write another chapter and think of more twists to make to the remaining chapters—and the previous ones. So it’s difficult to predict when I’ll finish. Nevertheless, it’s exhilarating!

Soon, though, I will finish the first draft. Then I’ll type it into the computer and start a massive rewrite. That will include more twists to the story. It’s the best work I’ve ever written. I’m very proud of it already!