I Have No Friends — A Novel and an Experience

Advertising Novel

by Russell Dyer
published:  dec 1, 2016;  revised:  dec 1, 2016;  readers in past month:  137

I discovered recently that I can advertise my novels on Amazon Kindle. These advertisements are displayed at the bottom of the screen on Kindle devices and software, and on amazon.com in the books section. I can target certain types of books (e.g., Women’s Fiction). I pay only if someone clicks on the advertisement.

I started running ads. only fifteen days ago, but they’ve sold twenty-four copies of my book. That’s good traction for me, for a self-published novel. So far the cost of advertising has been about equal to the net revenues from the sale of books—meaning, I make no money and lose no money by advertising. However, I’m thrilled to have two dozen more readers.