I Have No Friends — A Novel and an Experience

A Draft of a Novel

by Russell Dyer
published:  sep 12, 2015;  revised:  sep 20, 2015;  readers in past month:  146

This is a randomly chosen page from the novel—page 38 on the right and page 32-f on the left—sometimes I need to add several pages in between two pages.

As you can see, I’m writing it by hand first. I print, incidentally, because it’s easier for someone else to read later when they transcribe it. Besides my terrible handwriting, this first draft involves plenty of writing mistakes. I write initially just on the right side of each page and leave the left side free for notes and additions.

On this page, I’ve filled the whole left side with extra text. I use different colors to make distinctions between notes and inserts and other special text. It’s pretty cool, I think.