I Have No Friends — A Novel and an Experience


by Russell Dyer
published:  oct 9, 2015;  revised:  oct 9, 2015;  readers in past month:  134

Thanks to the help of my friend Rusty, my book is now typed up. I copied what she typed into the Scrivener program, which can export to the PDF format to sell it on Amazon. At this point, it’s 252 pages, 15 chapters long.

I have plenty of notes and comments from friends of changes I need to make. Rewriting is exciting to me. This is when the novel goes from being good to great—if I can do that. As I told a friend recently, writing a novel can be like making a sculpture: I’ve molded some clay into a shape that resembles a woman. But it’s the fine details that I do now that can make the sculpture look like a beautiful woman.