I Have No Friends — A Novel and an Experience

Totally Finished!

by Russell Dyer
published:  jan 5, 2016;  revised:  jan 5, 2016;  readers in past month:  123

I finished all of the changes, revisions, rewrites, additions, and whatever else suggested to me by my editors (Elena Kartushina and Andy Oram), as well as some suggestions about the characters and the story from a mental health specialist (Amanda Sweeney). I try to do anything editors tell me to do. Good editors, which I have always had good ones, they always have excellent suggestions. I never fight them: I agree and accommodate almost always.

I uploaded the book around 2:30 this morning to Amazon--it was due today. This is the Kindle version. They will release it on January 15 and send those who pre-ordered a copy then.

I also exported the novel to PDF format and uploaded it to Amazon&rsqu;s subsidiary, CreateSpace for printing. They&rsqu;ll send me a printed copy to check the format. If everything looks alright with the proof or galley, they&rsqu;ll put the book on Amazon for sale in print. That should happen in a couple of weeks. So if you prefer a print copy, you don&rsqu;t have long to wait. If you buy the print version, you can also get the Kindle version for just one dollar extra.